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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

There are many benefits of medical marijuana. Our ancestors knew the medicinal value of Marijuana. They used it in their day-to-day activities because they had deep knowledge of the plant’s purpose on earth. Every part of the Cannabis plant was vital for their way of life, starting from the roots, leaves and seeds. Our ancestors knew that Marijuana was put on this earth to uplift our bodies physically, mentally and emotionally but only if extracted and administered in the right way. Even back then, they knew that using Cannabis in the wrong way could have negative side effects. Knowledge of how to use Cannabis for medicinal purposes would be passed from generation to generation. There were also special healers who studied the use of the Cannabis plant on a more intricate scope. Thus, people with serious physical and mental ailments would be taken to such healers. 

As the so-called civilization took over in most parts in the world, the use of Cannabis for medical purposes started to depreciate, and in the late 19th century Cannabis was shunned and banned. Users of the plant were now viewed as outcasts. The use of `modern` medicine was championed and promoted all over the world and Cannabis remained a forgotten plant often making the news in the list of banned substances. The cultivators of the plant would only do it in secret or risk being on the wrong side of the law. The once highly medicinal plant was for many years promoted for recreational purposes other than its medical benefits. However, Marijuana is now slowly reclaiming its lost glory and is now held in high esteem in the Medicine field. After many years of research, people in the medicine field are now starting to give Cannabis the respect it deserves. They are however late to the party, because they are only realizing now what was known by the  `early man` many years ago. As they say, it`s better late than never.  

Cannabis is now one of the most sort-after plants in the medicine world, because of its medicinal properties. A lot has been discovered about Marijuana`s healing abilities, and with research still ongoing, more about the plant`s medicinal value will continue to be revealed. With the legalization of Marijuana in most states in the US, people can now enjoy its use without having to hide in dingy alleys waiting for a dealer. The legalization allows safe manufacture, packaging and sale of Marijuana at exclusively licensed stores. To ensure proper use of Cannabis, it is important to get a physician`s prescription, because self-medication can result to abuse. 

benefits of using Medical Marijuana 

  • Pain relief

Pain from long term injuries, back pain resulting from hours of either siting down or standing up at work can be alleviated by consumption of Marijuana in small doses. Additionally, pain resulting from Chronic Migraine, Chemotherapy and Arthritis and be managed by using marijuana in small and regulated doses. As a remedy for pain relief, marijuana offers lesser risk of dependency compared to other modes of pain relief. 

  • Best remedy for anxiety disorder

The use medical marijuana will alleviate anxiety and conditions such as PTSD by increasing emotional stability, hence bringing a general feeling of calmness and relaxation. 

  • Helps regain appetite and combat weight loss

Even people who use marijuana for recreational purposes can attest to the fact that it makes you want to eat everything in the fridge, a feeling that`s commonly referred to as `the munchies`. It induces the feeling to eat food, and is great for underweight individuals or individuals suffering from conditions that may reduce their normal appetite, such as depression as well as post-chemotherapy effects, and the use of ARV`s. 

  • Boost weight loss

For those struggling with excess weight, Marijuana offers a safe remedy to shedding those extra pounds. It achieves this by regulating the body`s ability to absorb excess calories, which are responsible for weight gain. 

  • Fightingdepression

Are you struggling with depression? Try some weed. Marijuana induces production of the `happy hormone` in the brain, which alleviates depression and leads to a feeling of overall happiness.  

  • Used to prevent/Manage diabetes

Marijuana promotes production of healthy insulin in the body, ensuring that the insulin produced is neither too little nor excess. 

  • Remedy for insomnia

The use of marijuana in small doses brings a general feeling of relaxation in the body, thus promoting a healthy sleeping cycle. 

  • Longterm use of Marijuana in controlled doses can help stop the spread of cancercells. Thisis why Marijuana is widely used in treating lung and breast cancers, as well brain tumors.   

Other common Medical uses of Marijuana 

Marijuana is widely used to treat: 

  • Glaucoma
  • Parkinson`s disease
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Combat epileptic seizures
  • Preventing Alzheimer’s
  • Nerve damage

The best thing about Marijuana is the fact that it doesn’t have to be an alternative remedy. It can be used alongside other medications that you may have been prescribed by your physician or psychiatrist. It enhances your treatment all the way, and the best thing is that unlike other types of drugs, it can be used on a longterm basis with little or no side effects.