Legal marijuana Las Vegas

Legal Marijuana in Las Vegas

Legal Marijuana in Las Vegas – what you need to know

Marijuana was first legalized in Las Vegas Nevada in the year 2000, but it was strictly for medical use meaning that you had to have a physician`s note of authorization in order to access it. Recreational use and sale of Marijuana in the Nevada became legal in 2016, but it was not until July 2017 that actual sale commenced. Nevada thus became one among other states in the country that had foreseen all the revenue that was being lost through the sale of illegal marijuana, and before them was the opportunity to start making billions through taxes by legalizing recreational marijuana.

The act of putting pen to paper and legalizing weed has had more pros compared to the cons. For starters, users can now enjoy their favorite herb without having to conduct business with unscrupulous dealers whose product cannot be verified in terms of safety and quality. With legalization, users in Las Vegas are now able to buy by marijuana from an authorized store in a legal and respectable way. You no longer have to feel like you`re committing a crime every time you light up a joint. It is within your right to enjoy the use of marijuana, provided you are following the rules & regulations stipulated among users within the state.

Do you want to enjoy the use of either medical or recreational marijuana in Las Vegas? – Here are some facts for you:

-You have to be at least 21 years old, and produce a valid ID or passport at the point of sale

-It is unlawful to smoke a joint in public, and you risk a fine of up to $600 or more if apprehended. This includes hotels, restaurants, public parks, bars and casinos. Some hotels will actually hit you with a $2000 fine if you are found smoking within their premises.

-Edibles are very popular, perhaps because you can consume them in public without drawing attention or anyone noticing that you are indeed using marijuana. Most people actually prefer buying edibles because they can sneak them up in hotels, clubs or casinos without drawing unwarranted attention.

-Sellers require state approval in order to operate a marijuana store or dispensary

-No medical marijuana card (MMJ card) is required while purchasing weed in Las Vegas. However, if you have an MMJ card, by all means provide it at the dispensary because you get to avoid the 10% retail tax that`s usually charged to recreational buyers. This means that you get your ounce of weed at a cheaper price. You also get to enjoy stronger weed in terms of compounds, compared to the normal recreational buyer who is bound to 100mg of T.H.C for a package.

-Nevada is actually the only state that accepts out of state MMJ cards in its dispensaries

-With an MMJ card, buyers also get to buy more weed, up to 2.5 ounces compared to recreational users who are limited to an ounce of weed for every purchase. It is however important to note that purchases made using an MMJ card are tracked, meaning that you are limited to 2.5 ounces of weed for every 14 days. If you make another purchase of a similar amount before the 14-day period has expired, you risk being on the wrong side of the law and since your purchases are being tracked, being apprehended won`t be difficult. Since recreational purchases are not tracked, users can buy an ounce of weed at one store and purchase another one at a different store.

Dispensaries and stores are not allowed to have smoking lounges. It’s strictly retail. However, lounges are expected to be authorized and operational sometime in 2019, and must be located next to a dispensary.

-Dispensaries are not allowed to operate within the Las Vegas gaming strip. They must be located outside the gaming corridor.

-Most stores prefer cash sales, since weed is still federally illegal. While some will still accept your credit/debit card, it is important to confirm first before you end up with a bill that you can’t sort out.

-If you wish to grow your own pot at home and you live outside twenty five miles of any dispensary, you can seek approval to grow by making a formal application. However, you must grow the pot out of public view and no more than 6 plants if you live alone. The minimum is 12 plants per household if there are other users in the property.

Below are the DON’T`s if you wish to use weed in Las Vegas without any friction with the law

-It is illegal to carry marijuana across state lines. Thus, if you are visiting Las Vegas and wish to take the weed back to your home state with you, DON`T!

-It is still illegal to purchase weed on the black market. You’re only allowed to purchase from authorized dispensaries.

-It is illegal to carry around more than the legally required limit, which is an ounce for recreational users and 2.5 ounces for medical users.

-Don`t drive while high (You will be charged with DUI)