Quick Start Guide to Cannabis Terpenes

Cannabis Terpenes give its rich scent & aroma, and are responsible for the uniqueness of certain strains of cannabis. They are a fundamental component of the marijuana plant, and highly influence its properties, including its medical effectiveness.

Below you will find a quick guide to the terpenes found in marijuana, including each ones aroma, effect and medical value as well as a corresponding product for purchase. This is the best way to start on your terpene path to wellness. By following this guide you have your best opportunity at reaching your desired remote. After the guide you will find additional links and articles if you are looking for more information or to increase your education.

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Cannabis Terpenes


  • Aroma: Earthy | Herbal
  • Effects: Sedating | Relaxing
  • Medical Value: Anti-Inflammation | Anti-Carcinogenic |Pain Relief
Cannabis Terpenes


  • Aroma: Floral | Citrus | Candy
  • Effects: Sedating | Anxiety Relief
  • Medical Value: Anti-Depressant | Pain Relief
Cannabis terpenes


  • Aroma: Citrus
  • Effects: Stress Relief | Elevated Mood
  • Medical Value: Anti-Inflammation | Anti-Carcinogenic | Antiseptic
Cannabis Terpenes


  • Aroma: Pine
  • Effects: Alertness | Increased Energy
  • Medical Value: Anti-Inflammation | Antiseptic |Memory


  • Aroma: Pepper | Woody | Spicy
  • Effects: Pain Relief
  • Medical Value: Anti-Inflammation | Antidepression| Pain Relief


  • Aroma: Earthy | Herbal
  • Effects: Anti-fungal | Antiviral |Antibacterial
  • Medical Value: Anti-Inflammation | Anti-Carcinogenic


  • Aroma: Earthy | Herbal
  • Effects: Sedating | Anti-Cancer | Antioxident
  • Medical Value: Anti-Inflammation | Anti-Carcinogenic


  • Aroma: Earthy | Herbal
  • Effects: Sedating | Relaxing
  • Medical Value: Anti-Inflammation | Appetite Suppressant | Pain Relief

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